Paper Tube Pavilion

BIO Pavilion is an installation which demonstrates the building-use of paper tubes. When one looks at a simple paper tube, one does not usually conceptualise it as a building material, but this pavilion showcases the structural strength and integrity of this recycled material.

As a founder and Creative Director at Bio Inc, the idea was conceived to instigate the use of recycled paper tubes as an Eco-friendly construction material. This paper tube pavilion was developed in collaboration with andblack design.

The pavilion has a fluid bionic form with spaces that are open and yet feel enclosed. It creates an immersive spatial experience with interplay of light and shadow. The lit up floor, the dynamic form, thousands of hollow tubes, the lightness to the structure all come together to evoke an ethereal experience.

BIO Pavilion is designed based on a simple system of weaving paper tubes together; like a fabric of paper tubes. The system allows for enough flexibility to create dynamic forms and a bottoms-up process that enables it to be deployed almost anywhere. The construction of this highly deployable system is dry, quick and eco-friendly.

In the  international design and construction industry, until now, paper tubes have largely been used only as a material to build conventional forms and structures, to replace metal sections in trusses and columns or for cladding purposes. However, through this pavilion we are able to stretch the limits of the material’s usability by demonstrating that it can be used as a component to develop systems for creating forms and spaces that are contemporary and non-conventional without loosing its structural and visual qualities.


INDIA DESIGN 2013 – ‘BIO Pavilion’ – at NISC Grounds, Okla, New Delhi.